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Train to Success Customized training for companies Training on-demand Innovative Technologies
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Agile Skill, born from the experience of Agile Lab, provides customers with technical know-how. On the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and scalable architectures, we organize different kinds of training (classroom, e-learning and blended courses, workshops and conferences).

Our teachers are expert trainers with many years of experience on projects run for important clients on the international scene.

Digital Strategy

course to identify the best practices to develop the data strategy for your company, which technologies you might use and how you might run the process.

Big Data

Learn how to manage large amounts of strutured and unstructured data using the most common processing frameworks on the market such as Hadoop, Spark. Modeling techniques and archiving on NoSQL databases and management of streaming flows using Kafka and other modern technologies.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Learn to create Artificial Intelligence applications using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks using enterprise grade tools.


Learn essential concepts of blockchain technologydecentralized peer-to-peer networks, distributed ledger and the trust model that defines a blockchain. 

Architecture & Microservices 

Learn how to design scalable architectures and implementation using the most modern techniques and frameworks available on the market.

Cloud & Devops

Learn the main concepts of cloud computing, the most widespread platforms on the market (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud), the tools and techniques for the complete  automation of the infrastructure from development to application deployment.